Double wheel Rolling Green Sand Muller Grinding Mixer

Double wheel Rolling Green Sand Muller Grinding Mixer

  • Medium-speed, high-intensity, muller-type mixer for batch operation
  • Specially designed for green sand plant
  • Capacity up to 45 ton per hour
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Technical Specifications  of green sand mixer :                                                  

Feeding amount of one line(kg)110140500500-6509001350
Speed of main spindle(r/min)4434.734363431
Power of main motor(kw)45.515223755

Description of green sand mixer:

The green sand mixer is a kind of equipment which can make the components of molding sand mix evenly and make the binder cover the surface of sand effectively. Sand mixer is the main equipment for sand processing and sand mixing. It is also the key equipment to obtain qualified sand.
Using the relative movement of the grinding wheel and the grinding plate, the sand mixer will crush the materials between the two by the effect of rolling and grinding. The sand mixer will also mix the materials while crushing the materials. It is an ideal equipment for producing unburned brick, lime sand brick, cement brick, refractory brick, pulverized and mixed fly ash, boiler slag, tail slag and industrial waste slag as raw materials for brick making.
As the key equipment in foundry technology, green sand mixer is the key factor to control the quality and cost of molding sand.
The green sand mixer is a machine which can mix the sand, binder, additive, water, etc. for casting evenly and make it into molding sand or core sand with certain performance. There are mainly two types: rolling wheel type and swing wheel type.
Sand machine is a kind of sand processing equipment widely used in the foundry industry. According to the characteristics of sand mixing process, the sand mixer can be divided into: wheel type sand mixer with rolling and rubbing as the main function; blade type sand mixer with mixing as the main function; counterflow type or rotor type sand mixer with rubbing and mixing as well as rotary type sand mixer with rolling and mixing function. The mixer can be divided into two types according to its working properties: intermittent type and continuous type.


Technical Characteristics of green sand mixer:
1.Stable,low power consumption,and long lifetime.
2.Automatic lubrication system.
3.Highly standardized,good parts interchangeable,fast and low-cost maintenance.
4.Automatic spraying water for feeding,which makes sand molds better.
5.Using case-hardened surface reducer.
6.Rotor and scraper are made of alloy.
7.Random sampling mechanism(online detection is optional).
8.Stainless steel inner ring and green stone casting board.


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Additional Information

Weight300 kg
Mixing Material

Green Sand with iron , Mg, Water

Mixing capacity

1.5-8 t/h

Machine Material:

Iron Steel

Brand name



Min 4KW

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