Spinner Double Hanger Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

  • The Spinner Hanger Hook Type Sand Blast Machine is a kind of high efficency shot blasting machine with non-pit.
  • Large inner available cleaning space, compacted structure and scientific design. Can be designed and manufactured according to the order.
  • No special request for the work piece structure.Can be used for different kind of work pieces.
  • Widely used in cleaning and strengthen for Fragile or Irregularly Shaped Parts, Medium-sized or Large Parts, Die Cast Parts, Sand Removal and External Finishing.
  • Double Hangers hook type Or Single hanger hook type.
  • 3pcs of turbines or customized.
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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION of spinner hanger hook shot blasting machine

Work piece

Max weight
Wheels QTY
Blast capacity
2 x250kg/s
3 x250kg/s
4 x250kg/s
Air volume
5000聽 聽m3/min
9000 m3/min
15000 m3/min
15000 m3/min
18000 m3/min
We can design and manufacture all kinds of non-standard shot blasting machines

According to customers’ different work piece detail requirement ,weight and productivity .
Single Hanger type shot blasting machine聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Double hangers type shot blasting machine
Spinner Hanger Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine is blast cleaning equipment for casting parts, forging parts and small fabricated metal work pieces. Bigger work pieces can be put on hanger hook uniquely. Smaller work pieces will be put on special tooling and then put on hanger hooks. After loading work pieces, hanger hooks will be driven into blasting chamber along T or Y overhead rails.

Work pieces are rotating in blasting chamber to get steel shot impact from blasting wheels mounted on one side chamber wall. The other side of chamber wall is called hot area because it get strong abrasive flow.
Hot area is protected by Mn alloy liners. After 3-5 min blast cleaning, work pieces will go out along T or Y overhead rails.
The Spinner hanger hook type shot blaster machine is for surface cleaning or strengthening treatment of small castings,forging parts in industry of foundry, building, chemical, motor, machine tool etc. It isspecial for surface cleaning and blasting strengthening on various types, smallproduction castings, forging parts and steel construction parts for clearing little viscous sand, sand core and oxide skin. It is also suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening on heat treatment parts, especially for cleaning slightness, thin wall parts which is not suitable for impact.
Spinner Hanger Hook System
Spinner Hanger Hook: To hang work pieces or tooling

Driving Motor: To drive spinner hanger hooks to rotate and move along rails into or out .

Overhead Rails: T shaped is for one hook and Y shaped is for two hooks( working hook and loading hook)

Rotating & Blasting Time: 3-5 minutes according to different work pieces

Blasting Chamber

Blasting Wheels: Mounted on left side wall of blasting chamber. Angle will be customized according to work pieces.

Hot Area: Right inside of blasting chamber is called hot area protected by Mn alloy liners.

Doors: Manual or pneumatic type are available.

Abrasive Recycling System

Screw Conveyor: Mounted at basting chamber bottom to collect used steel shots and deliver to bucket elevator.

Bucket Elevator: To lift up used sheet shots to separator.

Separator:To separator qualified steel shots and grits by screen filtering and ventilation filtering.

Dust Collection System
Fan: Suck dust from blasting chamber through pipes.

Gravity Dust Collector: Catch big particle size dust by gravity as first sate dust collection.

Dust Collection: Bag type & cartridge type聽according to different filters. Filters catch small sized dusts. Mechanic shake device for bag type&pulse
reverse device for cartridge type.

Efficiency: 99.9%
Electric Control System
Model: Automatic ( manual type is available).

Control Unit: PLC.

Emergency Stop: on main control panel and rollers conveyors.

Power Indicator: available on control panel.

About Hezhi Machinery Group:

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Products cover Moulding Equipment,Sand Reclamation Equipment, Sand Mixer, Dust Collector and full-line Shot Blasting Machines.

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Another聽2600m2聽space is planned for extension.
ISO9001 & CE聽is achieved. Full set of production ,QC(3 staff) and after-sales (3 staff) guarantee none-defective products.
3D Solidworks聽is used in designing. R&D staff with over 20 years expertise experience meet your customized requirements.

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