Direct Driving Shot Blasting Wheel / Blast Turbine Abrator Wheels

Direct Driving Shot Blasting Wheel / Blast Turbine Abrator Wheels

  • High efficiency, long useful life, simple structure, low noise and convenient maintenance.
  • Include direct drive blasting wheel and belt drive blssting wheel
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Rotation diameter
Rotation speed
Blasting capacity
Blasting blade width
Blasting speed
380 mm
2940 rpm
120 kg/min
7.5 kw
70 mm
70 m/s聽
400 mm
2450 rpm
180 kg/min
11 kw
70 mm
70 m/s聽
380 mm
2940 rpm
250 kg/min
15 kw
70 mm
70 m/s聽

Description of green sand mixer:

Blasting wheel is also called blasting turbine, blasting impeller, or blastiing wheels. It is the key spare part of the shot blasting machine.
Motors drive blast wheels to rotate and throw steel shots ,steel grits orsteel wire on聽metal surface by centrifugal force to finish blast cleaning. It can be belt driving type and direct driving type.聽

Blast turbine is made of disc, impeller, control cages and blasting blades. Blasting聽blades can be straight, curved or trapezoid.聽

Direct driving type blasting wheel and blast turbine are compact blasting wheels and blast turbine. Motors and blast blast turbine are connected by shaft.

So it is much higher efficiency and more quiet.

Max motor power is 15 kw and max blasting capacity is 250 kg per min.

Normally one set of blast blade is 8 pcs or 6pcs.

Application of Direct drive shot blasting wheel:
Blasting wheel made by Hezhi Machine Group:
Blasting Wheel under production:
Package and delivery of blasting wheel / blast turbine

About Hezhi Machinery Group:

Qingdao Hezhi is a manufacturer for Foundry Machinery & Shot Blasting Machine since 2005.
Products cover Moulding Equipment,Sand Reclamation Equipment, Sand Mixer, Dust Collector and full-line Shot Blasting Machines.

We owned聽3600m2聽work shop area for production with 2脳10 cranes.
Another聽2600m2聽space is planned for extension.
ISO9001 & CE聽is achieved. Full set of production ,QC(3 staff) and after-sales (3 staff) guarantee none-defective products.
3D Solidworks聽is used in designing. R&D staff with over 20 years expertise experience meet your customized requirements.

Our philosophy: Professional, Efficienct, Loyal,聽聽Our mission:聽To creat core vlaue for our customer, our staff and our company.

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