Sand Moulding Equipment

Jolt squeeze molding machine also called compact table ,it is Z14 Series.
Consists of a table, a shock piston, a true iron compaction piston, a compaction cylinder, etc.
Jolt Squeeze molding machine is full buffer, high frequency, low amplitude, pneumatic micro-vibration compaction molding machine,
Using spring buffer, pneumatic micro-seismic mechanism can reduce the impact of shock on the foundation.

  • 3D Compaction Table

    • Provides fast compaction of sand mould
    • For smooth vibration through using air rubber below (air spring) as suspension as well as vibrating table lift up and isolate from top
    • Several special sizes available as tailor made
  • Flask Trolley

    • The flask trolleys are widely used for moulding flask on kinds of moulding lines. These are manufactured using high-grade components to meet the industrial standards
    • Materials used in the manufacturing are engineered using advanced technology. These are characterized for various features like durability and perfect design


  • Foundry Casting Steel Ladle Iron Ladle

    • Hot metal ladle for pouring operations of casting room, undertake the iron liquid from the furnace, transported to the cast by the bridge crane
  • Foundry Sand Horizontal Parting Off-box Flaskless Molding machine

    • Easy to change templates, hydraulic oil temperature control to guarantee optimum level of equipment; easy to operate, double safety guard, humanized design program
    • Can be used for the production of grey iron, nodular iron, malleable iron, steel, aluminum
    • Improved productivity and quality
    • Less Manpower Required
    • Can be designed as per available space
  • Industrial Inertial Vibrating Sieve Sand Shakeout Machine Standard Sand Shaker

    • Excellent compaction of No-Bake sand
    • For smooth vibration through using air rubber below (air spring) as suspension as well as vibrating table lift up and isolate from top
    • Adjustable vibration by frequency converter
    • Several special sizes available as tailor made
  • Sand Moulding Flask

    • Moulding Flask is the important technology equipment for automatic or semi-automatic moulding line. Machining by advanced CNC machine to ensure high precision and good interchangeability, dimensional inspect with CMM
    • Material of ductile iron, gray iron of high grade and welded-steel can be available, flask have high rigidity and can bear high pressure impact
  • Vertical Parting Flaskless Moulding Machine For Green Sand Molding

    * Equipped with two sand core push-out stations, alternate molding &pushing out cores, no effect each other, extending the effective time of push-out core.

    * Two stations &two conveying tracks, flexible working mode & adapt to different cooling time requirements

    * Casting area concentrated , reduces the casting work intensity & save space

    * Cast iron splint(can be SUS304). Wear-resistant and non-deformable.

    * SUS304 track surface, wear-resistant, small transport resistance.

    * Steel base is aged and durable. Good precision machining.

    * Equipped with automatic lubrication and imported dust seal. Guarantee the equipment to work for a long time and high frequency.

  • Pneumatic Jolt Squeeze Manhole Cover Molding Machine For Foundry Sand Casting

    • Jolt-squeeze molding machine is designed to make the molding process economical.
    • Simultaneous jolt sqeeze for high mould strength
    • Engineered for easy maintenance Centralised auto lubrication during each cycle
    • Designed and developed as per international quality standards
    •  Automatic operation – Complete pneumatic or electropneumatic controls