How to choose the right shot blasting machine according to different castings?

There are many different types of castings, so the shot blasting equipment used for cleaning is also different. The following are the general guidelines for selecting shot blasting equipment for castings:


1. Casting characteristics (scale, quality, shape and raw materials, etc.), the size of the batch produced, the type of castings and the application requirements are the main basis for selecting cleaning equipment;

2. The determination of the cleaning equipment of the shot blasting machine should be considered in conjunction with the production process before cleaning. Castings should be cleaned as much as possible after falling sand to create favorable conditions for cleaning. When the shot blasting process is selected, when the batch is produced, the falling sand and surface cleaning are suitable for two procedures, which are carried out on two equipments;

3. For investment castings that are difficult to be dropped by the sand falling machine and castings whose inner cavity is messy and difficult to core out, electro-hydraulic sand cleaning can be used; for castings with messy and narrow inner cavity and high cleanliness requirements, such as hydraulic parts, Valve castings, easy to use electrochemical cleaning;

4. For various types and small batches of production occasions, the cleaning equipment with strong adaptability to the size of the casting or two types of delivery equipment should be selected; for small types of large batches of production occasions, high-efficiency or special shot blasting equipment should be selected;

When both dry cleaning and wet cleaning can meet the cleaning requirements, priority should be given to selecting dry cleaning that does not cause sewage; in dry cleaning, the shot blasting machine with high efficiency and low energy consumption is first considered; According to the size of the casting and the production volume, castings in the inner cavity can be selected from squirrel cages, manipulators and hook-type shot blasting machines or (blast) shot cleaning machines that can swing or move the hook during cleaning.

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