How to choose the right shot blasting machine according to different castings?

There are many different types of castings, so the shot blasting equipment used for cleaning is also different. The following are the general guidelines for selecting shot blasting equipment for castings:   1. Casting characteristics (scale, quality, shape and raw materials, etc.), the size of the batch produced, the type of castings and the application requirements are the main basis for selecting cleaning equipment; 2. The determination of the cleaning equipment of the shot blasting machine should be considered in conjunction with [...]

Difference between cold core box core shooter and hot core box core shooter

1. Cold core box core shooting method 1. Introduction of cold box At room temperature, the method of making the sand core in the core box by hardening quickly is called the cold core box method. The cold core box is an efficient core making process. Compared with the hot core box and shell core, it has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and good working conditions. It is now widely used in casting production. The quality and speed of core [...]

Advantages of coated sand casting

Qingdao Hezhi Machinery Co.,LtdAs a traditional casting process, clay sand casting is restricted by factors such as environmental pollution, waste of resources, quality defects of castings, and high production costs. Therefore, it has become the first choice for reform and change in the casting industry, so our Hezhi machinery company chose A new type of coated sand casting process has been developed to replace clay sand casting. Coated sand casting is a casting process in which the core box surface [...]

Factors affecting the blasting strength of shot blasting machine-Hezhi Machine

We all know that the strength of the shot blasting steel shot is strong or weak, so what factors will affect the strength of this shot? Let’s take a look together below. 1. The speed of shot blasting When the shot blasting speed of the shot blasting machine increases, the strength will also increase, but the faster the speed, the damage rate of the shot blasting will increase accordingly. Second, the size of the shot The more the steel shot by the shot [...]

Steps for replacing shot blasting wheel and impeller———Shot Blasting Machine

1. The orientation sleeve of the shot blasting machine is fixed on the shell of the shot blasting machine. 2. The direction of the projectile can be changed by rotating the orientation sleeve. 3. When there is a deep groove in the directional sleeve or the socket of the directional sleeve is worn off about 10 mm, it should be replaced. 4. The size of the angle between the directional socket of the shot blasting machine and the center line of the [...]

Resin Sand Double arms Mixer -Hezhi Machinery

Resin sand mixing machine refers to a kind of continuous operation sand mixing machine used in foundry enterprises to mix resin molding sand and core sand. This machine is a type of resin for continuous manufacturing or core making using liquid curing agent and liquid resin. Self-hardening sand mixer. Resin sand mixers can be divided into two-arm resin sand mixers and single-arm resin sand mixers. In terms of domestic use, resin sand mixers generally refer to two-arm resin sand [...]

Green Sand Jolt Squeeze Molding Machine –Hezhi Machine

The Jolt Squeeze compaction molding machine is suitable for large-scale production of single-sided plate and single-box molding of small castings, which can be made into upper or lower boxes. This machine adopts a micro-seismic compaction mechanism, which has a relatively large design of shock force and compression strength, so it can meet the requirements of simple or complex type without pre-vibration. Is an indispensable weapon for mechanized casting. Has gradually replaced the traditional manual modeling.  The jolt squeeze molding machine is [...]

Hezhi Machinery Group Quality Control System

In Hezhi Machinery Group: 1. The equipment raw materials (steel) and all accessories are strictly selected. Our suppliers are long-term cooperative and reputable companies to ensure that the materials meet domestic and international standards. 2.Professional engineers with15 years rich experience provide professional & accurate detailed drawings and recommendations that meet customer all requirements, proficient in various technical parameters of the equipment,also will provide professional help &solution for customers use and maintenance. 3. The workshop employees have many years of work experience in [...]

Foundry sand mixer : Application &classification

  The sand mixer is a kind of equipment which can make the components of molding sand mix evenly and make the binder cover the surface of sand effectively. Using the relative movement of the grinding wheel and the grinding plate, the sand mixer will crush the materials between the two by the effect of rolling and grinding. The sand mixer will also mix the materials while crushing the materials. 1、 Use of sand mixer The bottom plate and outer ring of [...]

Shot Blasting Machine Working Process

1. Hanging piece The maximum height of each hanging device after hanging is ≤ 1400mm, the hanging device is round in the width direction, and its diameter after hanging should be controlled within Φ 800mm, and it is strictly prohibited to exceed Φ 900mm. The specific requirements are as follows. *· the hanging device is required to be installed in the width direction as an odd number, so as to ensure that the shot is thrown to the inner side of [...]